Baltic & Scandinavian Bliss

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AUG. 13-24, 2019 From $4,099 (including airfare from select cities)
London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Visby, Tallin, St. Petersberg, Helsinki, Stockholm
Aboard Oceania Cruises' Marina UCLA Faculty on Tour Activity Level: Mild Activity Hide This
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Baltic & Scandinavian Bliss

AUG. 13-24, 2019
London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Visby, Tallin, St. Petersberg, Helsinki, Stockholm
Aboard Oceania Cruises' Marina

Embark the luxurious Marina in London, Britain’s timeless capital filled with history and pageantry. Sail to Oslo, the capital of Norway, and take in its stunning natural beauty and urban atmosphere. Visit Copenhagen, Denmark’s relaxed and unhurried capital, and explore the delightful former fishing village of Warnemünde, or travel inland to Berlin, Germany’s culture-rich capital. Visit Visby, former Viking site, a walled town known for its narrow cobblestone streets, and its beautiful dichotomy of roses and ruins. Sail to Tallinn where red-roofed homes line cobblestone streets and ancient churches are ornamented by powerful spires. Spend two days admiring the splendors of St. Petersburg, a glittering metropolis crisscrossed by canals and dotted with elaborate palaces. Before our final stop in Stockholm, head ashore in Helsinki, where imaginative architecture mingles with leafy parks and elegant gardens.

Cost: From $4,099 (including airfare from select cities)
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Activity Level: Mild Activity

UCLA Faculty on Tour

Arch Getty
Department of History
Arch Getty's specialty is the history of the Soviet Communist Party and the Stalin period. He has published six books and more than fifty articles, and was the first to use Soviet secret police archives to publish exact data on the number of Stalin's victims. Each year, Getty works in the political archives of the former Soviet Communist Party in Russia. His research has been supported by the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Fulbright Foundation, the International Research and Exchanges Board and the University of California Humanities Research Institute. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow, visiting scholar at the Sorbonne in Paris and visiting professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Getty is the founder and director of Praxis International, which facilitates research travel to and archival access in Russia. He has worked and lived in Russia for more than 30 years.

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